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Sat 3 March 2018

Orpington Liberal Club

Sun 18 February 2018

Brighton Folk, The Brunswick, Hove

Tue 30 January 2018

Mrs Yarringtons Music Club, Battle

Fri 3 November 2017

St Edith Folk, Kemsing

Sun 8 October 2017

Festival of Hope, Tunbridge Wells Forum

Sun 17 September 2017

Brighton Folk, The Brunswick, Hove

Sat 15 July 2017

Patchfest, William Clarke Park, Brighton
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Thu 29 June 2017

The Richmond, Brighton


Tom Paine's Bones
New Railroad
John Cherokee


Bond of Union enjoying a pint

Bond of Union is a folk trio based in Brighton, England, singing traditional and contemporary folk songs in unaccompanied three-part harmony.

The group was inspired by singing sessions and workshops with folk artists including The Unthanks, Jim Mageean and the Young’Uns. Repertoire includes songs learned from those artists, plus other great English vocal groups such as The Keelers, The Wilsons, Coope Boyes and Simpson and Swan Arcade, alongside some original arrangements.